A Stately 5-1/2” Board Face Is Accented By A Delicate 1-1/2” Batten That Projects 1/2” Above The Board Surface.

Look.p batten in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Board-and-batten siding is an exterior treatment of vertical boards with battens covering the seams. In sailing, battens are long, thin strips usually fibreglass or some similar material nowadays, but historically wooden used to support the roach of a sail . A batten door. A frequent combination is 1″x3″ battens and 1″x10″ boards.

In flooring the sometimes large battens support the finish flooring 4 in a similar manner to a joist but with the batten resting on a solid sub-floor as a floating floor and sometimes cushioned. A stately 5-1/2” board face is


If You Look At Galleries Of Luxury Homes With Photos Of Outside Living Spaces, You Will Deck With Trees And Other Landscaping Features Built Into The Deck.  Building A Deck Or Renovating A Deck?

Whether they're in containers or between the small deck and the rest of your landscape, flowers, trees, and shrubs are key to melding deck with garden. The step-by-step day guide walks you through the critical areas of deck construction as well as hardware selection and building code requirements. In regions known for blistering summers wall fans can be installed on the surrounding walls of your deck to circulate air during these hot months.  When the sun goes down your outdoor living room should come alive.  Are you envisioning an outdoor entertainment hub for frequent barbecues and gatherings?